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Its the half full half empty answer: about half of those who go for the
PhD in Biomed will have a decent career in some area of science and the
ohterh half will be stranded on the rocks. The question is, is there
anything you can do to improve the chances of the former and conversely is
there any way to avoid wasting 10-20 years of your life if you can tell
ahead of time if you are going to end up in the later category. I have a
"self test" chapter on my website to help you find a good postdoc, which
is the single most important era in your life if you are interested in a
traditional research career. I also have a chapter on what needs to be in
a CV also on my website. Or, I can send you a copy of this by email.

About the CV issue; if you know what needs to be in a CV before too much
time goes by, then you can start working on the things you need to do to
get those things into a CV.

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On Tue, 3 Mar 1998, Robert Kirk DeLisle wrote:

> OK, folks.  What's the reality of getting a PhD in Bio/BioMed and 
> then finding a job without having to spend 20 years as a postdoc 
> first.  I ask this because it seems that nobody is capable of 
> telling me it is a possibility.
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