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Contents of the Latest Issue Mar 6, 1998:

1. Present and Future US Physics PhDs Discouraged by Lack of Jobs
2. On the Role of Science in Developing Countries
3. On Irregular Arrays and Randomization
4. Magnetic-Electric Aharonov-Bohm Effect in Metal Rings
5. Direct Observation of Heterogeneous Atmosphere Chemistry
6. Global Warming: On Errors in Predicting Species Range Shifts
7. Use of Coulomb Explosion to Observe Femtosecond Reactions
8. Using DNA as a Template for Assembling a Wire Connection
9. A Study of Protein Hydration in the Gaseous Phase
10. A Mathematical Model of Dynamical Principles in Bio-Processes
11. A Unified View of Polymer Nearest-Neighbor Thermodynamics
12. Single Secretory Vesicles Probed by Capillary Electrophoresis
13. Genetic Interference by Double-Stranded RNA in C. Elegans
14. Targeted Mutagenesis by Peptide Nucleic Acids
15. Collapse of Plasmid DNA into Stable Virus-Like Particles
16. Bcl-2 Prevents Apoptosis by Proton Flux Regulation
17. Use of Caged Peptides to Reveal Cell Signaling Pathways
18. Malaria: Genetics of Host-Parasite Coevolution
19. On Cellular Responses to Interferons and Other Cytokines
20. Farnesyl Transferase Inhibitors as Anti-Tumor Agents
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