New Customers for your Neighborhood Business, Church, Practice...

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Fri Mar 6 01:20:08 EST 1998

You know that new customers are the lifeblood of any local
business; and WE CAN HELP YOU FIND MORE! 
That's because we know WHO'S NEW - those who recently
came to live in your market or service area. We can tell you
each month who and where they are, so that you can advertise
to them (eg by mail) before they have time to get established
with your rivals. 
Whether you own or manage a retail store, a clinic (medical,
dental, veterinary...), a church, club, a private school, beauty
salon, restaurant, professional office or bank - this is a prime
opportunity to gain MORE new clients and so to increase growth.  
What we can help you do is MORE THAN to replace customers  
who move away; to get more than your "share" of new arrivals
to Town, by putting YOUR name and special offer before them
at the very time they are making decisions about whom to
If you don't own or manage such an establishment, please pass  
this along to a friend who does. But if you do, find out more
details now from our Web site, which you can reach at
Jim Davies 

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