Help with dna sequence files

Floyd Martin martin.687 at OSU.EDU
Sun Mar 8 16:32:41 EST 1998

Hello there!
	I am a graduate student at Ohio State University (Biophysics
program).  I am interested in studying intron sequences of DNA.
Unfortunately, I have little or no idea as to how to go about extracting
said introns from files that Genbank, etc. have collected.  I have seen
numerous articles that have done so but their practical description was
less than detailed.
	I guess what I'm getting at here (assuming I'm even adressing the
right people) is there any software out there that can do it for me or
perhaps put the data files into a more friendly format?  If this is a do it
yourself enterprise, could someone give me a general idea of how to
proceed?  I'm totally flummoxed here.  Any assistance would be greatly

floyd martin (martin.687 at

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