old maize in Asia debates

Jeffrey L Baker jbaker at U.Arizona.EDU
Sat Mar 7 20:50:58 EST 1998

On 6 Mar 1998, Yuri Kuchinsky wrote:

> And now, for the next and a more useful argument. Below is an old response
> by Peter to my post. Peter quoted from Heiser and also from Whyte. While
> the quote from Heiser is helpful in some respects, the quote from Whyte is
> indicative of the confusion that bedevils the opponents of Johannessen. To
> make the long story short, the opponents of Johannessen still cannot get
> their story straight. Below, you will see that Whyte advocates the arrival
> of maize to India through the Pacific and the Philippines. But there's a
> problem here. Because a few days ago Jeff Baker posted some quotes from
> Jean Andrews. And she advocates the arrival of maize to India _from the
> West_, i.e. from around Africa! 
> So what all this means, is that THERE IS NO GENERALLY ACCEPTED THEORY at
> this time about how maize arrived to India. And this sort of confusion
> among the mainstream establishment scholars indicates clearly that this
> question is still wide open. And this should indicate to our critics that
> they don't have a coherent case against Johannessen.

Simply because there is not a agreement on the route that maize took in
getting to India does not mean that there is not general agreement on the
timing of the appearance of maize in India. These are two separate
problems. The question of when maize arrived in India is not wideopen,
the question of the route it took is wideopen.

Jeff Baker

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