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Most stars in the night sky have never been named.  The Galilio Star
Registry will register the name you choose for a presently unnamed
star.  Naming a star is a truly special way to commemorate birthdays,
anniversaries, childbirth's, Mothers Day, graduations, to immortalize
family members, friends and pets.  

Your special gift package will include:

- A gold embossed parchment certificate, ready for framing, certifying
your star name's registration, and listing your named star's celestial

- Star maps marked with the position of your named star, enabling you to
easily locate your named star in the night sky.

-  A detailed set of instructions explaining how to use your star maps
and how to locate your named star.

- An explanation of the history of naming stars, along with other
interesting astrological  facts.

Your star name will be published in the Galilio Star Registry,
copyrighted, and filed in the Library of Congress in Washington DC. 
Show someone you care, name a star after them today and forever. 


TO ORDER:(Allow 2 to 4 weeks for delivery)


BY MAIL: Include PRINTED STAR NAMES to be registered. 

For EACH star name:$45.00 + $4.95 shipping & handling, Total= $49.95

Ohio Residents:$45.00 + $4.95 shipping & handling + $3.50, Total= $53.45

Please send U.S. check or money order (sorry no C.O.D.'s) payable to:

                        Wincor, Inc.
                        Dept. 425
                        PO BOX 0412
                        Cleveland OH 44147-0412

Please remember to include  YOUR RETURN ADDRESS , YOUR STAR NAME,
and your email address.
If you do not wish to be receive our mailings, please reply to
remove at and you will be blocked from our future mailings.

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