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Contents of the Latest Issue Mar 13, 1998:

1. New Evidence for a Cosmic Antigravity Force
2. Cosmic X-Ray Background: Contribution of Faint Galaxies
3. An Oxygen-Rich Stellar Dust Disk in the Red Rectangle
4. Dephasing in Electron Interference by a Which-Path Detector
5. Electrophoresis in Lyotropic Polymer Liquid Crystals
6. Molten Globules as a Third Phase of Proteins
7. Pressure Dependence of Hydrophobic Interactions of Proteins
8. A Gene for Adhesion and Filamentous Growth in C. Albicans
9. Evidence of De Novo Insertion of an Intron into a Gene
10. New Drosophila Introns Originate by Duplication
11. A Protein that Protects Retroviral DNA Autointegration
12. New Antitumor Agent Arrests Metaphase and Induces Apoptosis
13. Molecular Characterization of a Neuronal Calcium Channel
14. Spatial Working Memory Localized in Human Frontal Cortex
15. Target-Specific Presynaptic Plasticity in Neurons
16. A New Type of Synaptic Plasticity of Neocortical Neurons
17. Herpes Virus Molecular Mimicry and Autoimmune Disease
18. An Insulin Receptor Substrate Implicated in Type 2 Diabetes
19. Evidence of Human Genetic Susceptibility to Tuberculosis
20. HIV Trials Controversy and Transmission in Pregnant Women
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