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Actually, there is much more extensive information on family surnames out
there, and there is alot of it on the Internet and elsewhere.

Here are several good sites.  LDS Church.  Goot 'Getting Started' info at 'Family
History' links on the nome page.  Very large site, mailing lists, more.  nearly 28,000 links at this well-known site.  More useful info at this commercial site,
with extensive information and a nearly 35,000 site link page.

Some of you may have wondered why a bionet newsgroup would have anything to
do with genealogy.  I have heard of researchers of medical and genetic info
having gone into the LDS Family History Library at Salt Lake City, Utah and
finding some very good info that very much aided their research into some
studies they did, particularly on family susceptibility to certain cancers
and diseases, including hereditary diseases, heart disease, etc.

Some of these researchers have credited the resources found at that library
in helping them find the 'smoking gun' they needed in proving a particular

Sure it may not need to come up often on this group or any other bionet group
but I hope that the above info is of value to a few of you.

James W. Anderson
genealogy at
The Genealogy Infocenter.

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