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Contents of the current weekly edition of SCIENCE-WEEK
(March 20, 1998)
1. On Intellectual Property and the American University
2. Xenotransplantation: A Group of Letters
3. Near-Closure of a University Chemist Plagiarism Case
4. Women Now Substantial Portion of All New US Chemists
5. A Global Approximation Technique for Multivariate Systems
6. On Black Holes as Real Astronomical Objects
7. On the Geological Evolution of Venus
8. On Quantum Theory Without Observers
9. Subsurface Charge Accumulation in a Quantum Hall Liquid
10. A New Technique for Size Separation of Macromolecules
11. Hydrogen Hypothesis for the First Eukaryote
12. Polyketide Synthases as Modular Enzymes
13. A Model for the Mechanism of a Human Topoisomerase
14. Host Derived Amino Acids Support Symbiotic Bacteria
15. Identification of a Cell Membrane Nucleic Acid Channel
16. Plant Performance and Induced Responses to Herbivory
17. Single Neuron Control of Synaptic Efficacy
18. Characterization of an In Vitro Blood-Brain Barrier
19. Muscle Regeneration by Bone-Marrow-Derived Cells
20. Genetic Traces of Ancient Demography
Book Notes
Notices - Positions Available
Notices - Miscellaneous

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