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Advancing Biotechnology. Prospects for Agriculture and the Food Industry.

Edited by W.Paul Davies and Stephen P.Harrison.

Proceedings of  the conference on this subject held at The Royal Agricultural
College, Cirnecester in March, 1997.

We have a limited number of copies of these proceedings available. The book
provides a significant contribution to the current biotechnology debate and
will be of  particular interest to anyone involved with the food business and
agricultural development. A number of prominent speakers took part and their
presentations are included in the publication. Contributors included:

Professor Grahame Bullfield, Director of Roslin Instutute.
Dr.David Fishchoff, Director of modified crops, Monsanto.
Ms Sheila McKechnie, Director, Consumers Association.
Dr.David Shannon, Chief Scientist. MAFF.

The book can be purchased for £15.00 (inc.P&P) By sending cheques payable to
‘The Royal Agricultural College’ to The Accounts Department, The Royal
Agricultural College, Cirencester, Gloucestershire, GL7 6JS, United Kingdom.
Alternatively you can request an order form and extra information by E-mailing
Dr.S.P.Harrison at this address.

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