De-bubbling Micromanipulators

Danny Banks banks at
Fri Mar 27 10:29:00 EST 1998

I have gotten my hands on a Newport MX530 hydraulic micromanipulator.
Unfortunately at least two of the lines appear to have air-bubbles in
them; one is very bad (about 40% air ?).

Naturally, I have no instruction manual for it :)

Can anyone tell me, from their own experience, the best way to eliminate
such bubbles ?

I was thinking of simply leaving it for a while with the manipulator below
the cartridge - in the hope that the air would eventually bubble to
the top. This may be feasible with one line, but the other with a lot
of air doesn't look like it wants to move.

Tapping the lines with my fingers helps break up some larger bubbles which
then float up a little way before sticking again, but it seems to take
an awful lot of taps for a little movement. I don't really want to get too
violent with this.

Any advice before I disassemble it ?

As an addendum - it doesn't look like Newport sell this sort of
micromanipulator any more; so tracking down info from the company may
be a little tricky.

Thanks in advance.


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