Why 5'->3' and not 3'->5' ?

Wade Hines hines at cgl.ucsf.EDU
Fri Mar 27 21:03:16 EST 1998

adhar at stanford.edu.XX (Adam Noel Harris) writes:
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>:Quick answer:

>:Because the triphosphate group is off the 5' and not the 3'
>[snip long answer]

>Yes, but why is the triphosphate group not off the 3' end? :)
>You evolutionist continually ignore the obvious design.

And why are ATP and GTP RNA and not DNA? The answers sometimes
seem to be in part cyclic. 

(can't help myself) 

(be careful as there may be a second message in there)

Here's a good puzzler for you if you think you know how these
things work. Run some polymerization in 18^O water and ask
yourself where the isotopes go.   . . ., but are you sure?

(I forbid profs from using this question in oral exams).

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