can I borrow your data?

Matt Haines haines at
Sat Mar 28 02:34:41 EST 1998

Sorry about the mini-spam, but at least I've kept it limited to pertinent

I'm a musician and deal with experimental and electronic music. I'm
looking for data to convert to an equivalent audio signal, for use in
musical compositions. I downloaded a sample set of data from the
Northridge earthquake, and converted it to audio, and it sounds like you'd
imagine an earthquake to sound. I'd like to do this with different data
sets, but I've had NO luck searching the web for appropriate sites. So I'm
asking any and all to either direct me to appropriate sites, or if you
have data sitting around, I'd love to use that. .wav or AIFF files will be
provided to you if you like, once I've massaged the data.

Here's what I need: between 1000 and 100,000 samples of data, in
text/numeric format. Preferably it will be simply a list of numbers
seperated by carriage returns, but I can do some manipulation. Essentially
it's two-dimensional data, such as amount vs. time. Examples I can think
of: earthquakes, temperatures from a single source over time, radiation
measurements over time from space, air pressure, sea level, etc.

Believe it or not, I've had no luck finding stuff, other than the
earthquake I mentioned above. If you have any ideas, please email me with
places to look. This is the only time I'll post, as I don't wish to annoy.
Thanks in advance for your help.


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