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Sun Mar 29 13:25:56 EST 1998

With well over 80 million documents on the web today,
getting your Site   noticed is a difficult process. Going to 
each Search Engine, Link Page,   Directory, and Newsgroup
to manually submit your page could realistically
take weeks to complete.

Announcing the  Web Promotion Spider! Created specifically to
meet the needs of those who want their web pages to get
NOTICED and placed   in the TOP of the Search Engines!
The  Spider automates the   process of submitting your site
and uses powerful technology to get your site   listed in the 
TOP positions.

We've developed the  Web Promotion Spider for Windows 95
and NT. This amazing program automatically submits your 
site to over 250   (the list grows daily) major search engines 
and directories!

PLUS, the  Web Promote Spider has an Expert HTML Reader
system inside. It will change certain contents of your html
text and automatically prepare needed information for online 
registration in Search Engines to Optimize your pages and 
get them listed on TOP. 

Originally engineered for use by the professional advertising 
industry, this program is  easy and intuitive to use. Beginners 
will be amazed at how simple it is to take complete control over 
their search engines and index marketing efforts. 

The Web Promotion Spider is an industrial strength marketing
tool and an extremely valuable part of any publicity campaign.
With this kind   of power, it should come as no surprise that 
many of our customers have even   built profitable on-line
promotional businesses with this product and their existing 
Internet connection!

With your payment of only $49.95 (standard version) you will 
receive the  current Web Promotion Spider program. Also, you
can have all the new  upgrades FREE. Each upgrade will have
a list of new Internet Search  Engines/Online Directories and,
of course, new features. 

Plus, you get free upgrades which come out twice a month
with new features   and new search engines. Register now 
and you'll continue to get our upgrades, which keep the 
program up-to-date and getting better and better! Now
submitting to 250+ search engines, free.

We are proud to announce that we now have two powerful 
versions of the Web Promote Spider, our Standard Version 
and our brand new Pro Version. Our Standard Version is 
designed for those individuals who have one or two sites
that they want to be able to submit, and want to see dramatic 
increases in their sites visibility. 

Our Pro Version is designed for ISP's, Webmasters,   Hosting 
Providers, and anyone who has multiple sites they need to 
promote thoroughly. While the standard version does track 
all registration campaigns for you, it can still be somewhat 
time intensive if you register several sites at   once, or 
on a regular basis.

You can see   why the Web Promote Spider is taking the Net
by storm!

Professional Version:

While the standard version of this product seems to meet the 
promotional needs of most of our customers, we also recognize
the need for an 'industrial strength' version of  Web Promotion 

The Professional Version is designed for ISP's, Webmasters,
Hosting Providers, and anyone who has multiple sites they need
to promote thoroughly. While the standard version tracks all 
registration campaigns for you, it can still be time intensive if 
you have to register several sites at once.

To make this easier and more efficient for our customers, we have
added several new features to the brand new Professional Version:

Deep Promotion - This feature will automatically explore every
internal link in your site, and develop registration information 
for each page for you automatically. For instance, in the standard
version, if you have a 30 page site, you would have to run  Web 
Promote Spider thirty times, manually inputting each page into 
the registration queue. In the professional version, this is
all automatic, and can be done in a matter of minutes.

Batch Processing - If you are responsible for registering or 
maintaining several sites, you will find this feature particularly 
useful. You can load in multiple sites, and set the program to
run all the sites at once, generating and saving a separate
registration report on each. This report can easily be copied 
to the Windows clipboard for pasting into reports, email, etc.

Expanded Promotion Resources - While the standard version
of the Spider will submit to 250 registration resources this list
will continue to grow but not as quickly as what's being planned
on the professional version. The Pro Version currently has 400
and will soon have at least 1,000 automatic registration 

If you're a previous owner of the Standard Version, the cost is
only $49.95 to upgrade! If you're a first time user and would like
to start using the Pro Version right away, the cost is $99.90.

        To Order:

Order by fax or mail  Visa or Mastercard
Fax: (425) 379-9722

Mail to: SYS
         11014 19th Ave SE Suite 305
         Everett, WA 98208

We will give you the address to download the program
or for an extra $10.00 we'll send your the program
on CD-Rom






Home Phone:___________________

Work Phone:____________________



__Standard Version $49.95

__Pro Version   $99.90

__Upgrade $49.95 (From Standard to Pro, if you already 
                  have the standard version)

___Send CD-Rom $10.00

___Provide download address..No Charge



Account number:_______________

Expiration Date:________________

I understand that all sales are final.




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