used quality lab equipment in auction online

Wed May 6 09:53:12 EST 1998

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Please reply if our posting is inappropriate inthis group

You may visit our website for more details.  We are the Internets
strongets and most reputable Online auction for used lab equipment.
Ther are many  items to view and bid upon ranging from 10 cents to 60
cents of new value pending on demand and age.  Auction is run by bonded
We offer an in lab evaluation period of all equipment before ownership.

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fn:             Mark Atlas
n:              Atlas;Mark
org:            Internet Auctioneers Intl,. Inc
adr;dom:        5339 Prospect Rd #348;;;San Jose ;Calif.;95129;
email;internet: mark at
title:          President
tel;work:       408-725-0449
tel;fax:        408-725-0498
note:           Visit our online auction for used lab equipment  at
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