Creationist Dr. Hovind Does Well On CJOB Today

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>Red Celt,
>             Do pass on the challenge to Richard Dawkins, for the benefit
>of the public to see that evolutionists really have no argument or evidence
>to back up their claims.

Is bearing false witness a new commandment in your religion?

>       Someone has rightly said what many have concluded regarding these
>debates in the past that while the evolutionist discusses religion the
>creationist deals with the science.   Because evolutionists, even prominent
>ones have lost so many debates they've stopped debating.   When you read

What debates, you moron? With an idiot and a criminal like Hovind? The
debate was over 150 years ago.

Kent Hovind is a young-earth creationist who gives frequent public
lectures on evolution and creationism. He is well-known for repeating
the claim that the remains of a basking shark found by Japanese
fishermen off the coast of New  Zealand were actually those of a
recently deceased plesiosaur. 

                            Hovind claims to possess a masters degree
and a doctorate in education from  Patriot University in Colorado.
According to Hovind, his 250-page dissertation  was on the topic of
the dangers of teaching evolution in the public schools.
                            Formerly affiliated with Hilltop Baptist
Church in Colorado Springs, Colorado, Patriot University is accredited
only by the American Accrediting Association of Theological
Institutions, an accreditation mill that provides accreditation for a
$100 charge. Patriot University has moved to Alamosa, Colorado and
continues  to offer correspondence courses for $15 to $32 per credit.
The school's catalog contains course descriptions but no listing of
the school's faculty or their  credentials. Name It and Frame It lists
Patriot University as a degree mill [3].

Ken Hovind bears false witness.

>their literature on  why they've stopped debating you see that the reasons
>given are;
>      - the creationist was too polished
>     - the audience had too many Christians in it


>     Dawkins can bring nothing to the debate.  He will not have any 
>transitional forms because he will be contradicted by other evolutionists
>such as his colleague Dr. John Patterson, senior paleontologist at the

 Patterson Misquoted: A Tale of Two 'Cites' 
        Colin Patterson, senior paleontologist at the British Museum
of Natural History, is frequently quoted by creationists as having
said that there are no transitional fossils. But did he really say
that? And if so, what did he mean? 

>British Museum of Natural History who wrote a book on evolution but listed
>no transitional forms.  When questioned about this he said he would have
>included them if he knew of any.   He also believes that archeopteryx is a
>doubtful transition between reptiles and birds.
>       So, by all means, invite Dr. Dawkins to debate Dr. Hovind.

Geoff bears false witness again. How much Hovind is fleecing his
gullible supporters without telling the IRS?

>> Shall we pass this on to Richard Dawkins?
>> I'm sure $10,000 might come in handy what
>> with xmas only a few weeks away ;)
>> Red Celt
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