Hovind's creationist conference is great success

Facts Vs Fiction you at guess.on
Mon Nov 9 16:46:19 EST 1998

On 7 Nov 1998 06:50:16 GMT, "Casey" <casem at pangea.ca> wrote:

>There still is time to take advantage of the very informative lectures by
>Dr. Kent Hovind.   They are very informative for both creationist and
>evolutionist.   But, these lectures may well change the way you think and
>may well demonstrate that most of us have been brainwashed and bushwacked
>by evolutionary dogma and misinformation.      The first few sessions were
>quite well attended.  But there still is room.

I bet there still is room.  Hey Casey, why haven't you addressed the
counter-arguments of maff91?  You wouldn't happen to be the same Casey
that terrorized Northern CA on the BBS's would you?  Your show doesn't
seem to have changed.  Call the evolutionists charlatans while pushing
your extremely brain dead brand of creationism as 'the gospel'.

I'm going to give you another chance, Case.  The next message will
feature just your name in the title so you won't miss it and will
include the entire post from maff91.  Now, if you can't face maff91
down, and rebuff his points, then just go away.


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