Evolutionist becomes a Creationist November Tour

Anne Bergeron anne.bergeron at videotron.ca
Tue Nov 10 13:04:17 EST 1998

arron wrote in message <36485EAC.6B9E7C65 at pacific.net.sg>...
>Barry O'Grady wrote:
>> "Casey" <casem at pangea.ca> wrote:
>> :An Evolutionist Becomes a Creationist...............................
>An Evolutionist  CAN       be / become           a Creationist (both
>without contradiction.
>ie believing that God creates  living organisms (or the everything in the
>universe) does not /need not in any way prevent one from believing in the
>existance of the mechanism of the
>phenomenon of evolution....... the slow changing of living organism as a
>So.......God creates lifes in their various forms.......and then'instruct'
>mechanism of Evolution to continue to improve the organisms with respect to
>their changing enviroment...

I agree that we can beleive in a God (more likely without any
anthropomorphism) who  (that) create the universe with the evolution

Although I would say that the "slow evolution" your taking about is not
exactly what anthropologist reported. They have repertoriate thousands and
thousands of specimens and what they established is there is some "step" in
the evolution that invalid a slow evolution from a living form to another.
This is unpleasent for Darwinists, but is a fact.

I beleive that a God intervention is happening from time to time in the
evolution to manipulate the species and permit higher expressions of life.
But this also is not a fact.


>(If believing that God creating Humans wholesome without going thr amoeba
>seems very "unscientific"........try believing the 'big bang' that bangs
>everything materials out of nowhere and in no time...........)

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