Correction to Leading Creationist Roger Oakland on CKLQ Tomorrow

Casey casem at
Thu Nov 12 23:23:49 EST 1998

     Roger Oakland, formerly an evolutionist now a creationist, will be on
the Bill Turner talk show from 9:00 to 10:00 am, Friday, November 13. CKLQ
is in Brandon.
     Roger is a leading international speaker on the creation/evolution
controversy and has to his credit:
    - spoken to 500 scientists and engineers at the Goddard Space Institute
at the invitation of NASA.  NASA apparently invited Roger and a physicist
to present the creation view after some NASA officials had viewed the film
Evolution Conspiracy in which Roger appears.   They apparently had found
the evolution view rather unfruitful over the years and wanted something
fresh according to one well-informed creationist colleague.

    -  visited Russia 12 times and is presently working on an origins
component to the science curriculum at the invitation of the Russian
Minister of Education.   The co-author of this curriculum component is Dr.
Duane Gish a scientist with the Institute for Creation Research

    - appeared on the program "Ancient Mysteries of the Bible"

    - taught biology at a Canadian university

    - co-authored the book Evolution Conspiracy with Caryl Matriciana and
appeared in the video documentary version of that book, a production of
Jeremiah Films.  

    - has himself authored and co-authored other books.


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