Creationist Oakland In Manitoba This Weekend

Jeff/addesign adddesign at
Sun Nov 15 15:19:10 EST 1998

"Casey" <casem at> wrote:

>      Of course you can always try to discredit someone by supposing the
>worst - without evidence.   Is this how your science works too?

I don't need to discredit him. By lecturing on creationism, he
discredits himself. Grow up. Creationism is nonsense, for those who
need to rationalize their fairy tale against reality. I have observed
enough religion and cult scam artists to know that it is a very
profitable business, praying on the gullible.

Oops, meant to say preying, but those who who lead prayer are usually
at prey.

Jeff/addesign a.a #1063
Tantum religio potuit suadere malorum--Lucretius, 1st c. BC
"So vast is the sum of the iniquities that religion has induced."

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