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On Sun, 15 Nov 1998, Linda St. James wrote:

> For Immediate Release
> Learn the Secrets of the Pharmaceutical Power Players at AAPS!

The Wall Street Journal, the newspaper with the greatest circulation in
the world, continuously has articles of all kinds on all power players in
all commercial environments. They interview people, they write about them,
and they expose the dirt on those that are frauds, too. 
> SEDONA, AZ, 11/15/98 -- Ever wondered how two equally competent people can
> end up on opposite sides of the corporate ladder? At the AAPS Meeting in
> San Francisco on November 17th, you¹ll have a chance to hear what one
> career management author believes are the "Secrets of the Pharmaceutical
> Power Players." These keys to success, shared by veteran recruiter David
> G. Jensen of Search Masters International, have been written about over
> the last seven years in his popular column for the journal BioPharm.
> Jensen will distill these nuggets into a unique presentation that
> describes many of the personal philosophies that make these highly
> successful people stand out from the crowd.

Why hear only one side of the story, when there are practically zillions
of other sources out there, with equally valid analyses.

And, what about Dilbert? A "truth-is-often-burried-in-fiction" account of

> "Success in the pharmaceutical industry, like any pursuit, seems to boil
> down to no more than about a half-dozen things," Jensen says.

And, so why, is there so little success in the world if its so simple?

> "While some
> of these may seem obvious, others lurk below the surface and aren¹t often
> spoken of. I believe that there is a pattern of behavior among highly
> successful scientists and managers within the pharmaceutical industry, and
> that studying it can bring great benefits to all of us."

There are lots of patterns of behavior. The ones he won't mention are just
as important, perhaps more important.

> Jensen has interviewed more than 6,000 candidates for scientific and
> executive positions in the scientific arena over the past fifteen years
> and has incorporated the results of his informal survey into a
> presentation for the upcoming AAPS meeting. A frequent speaker on topics
> related to successful career management, Jensen¹s online book on the
> internet is one of the most popular sites on the Bio Online server. You
> can surf through his almost 200 pages of career articles at

We have a popular website, with both unique and broad references to
multiple websites, books written by equally well known, and sometimes more
well known authors, and lots of information you will never get from
Jensen, including politics and age discrimination issues. Have a look:

> Join David G. Jensen at the American Association of Pharmaceutical
> Scientists annual meeting, Tuesday, the 17th of November, 5:00 PM, at the
> Pharmaceutical Technologies (PT) Section Membership Meeting (Room 305 -
> Moscone Center).
> For more information contact:
> Linda St. James, Office Manager
> Search Masters International
> Five Hundred Foothills South, Suite #2
> Sedona, AZ 86336
> (520) 282-3553 Phone or (520) 282-5881 Fax
> lindasj at, Bio Online

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