Why negroes aren't champion swimmers

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Tue Nov 17 21:19:38 EST 1998

xyz at netcom.ca wrote in message <365219F5.119E27F6 at netcom.ca>...
>If we utilize a cow's embryo to mass-produce humans,
>we will
>again re-create the horrors of our past enslavement of our fellow man.
>By pursuing this course of capitalistic manipulation of our very being,
>we are dis-inheriting our right to live.
>We must stand together and boycott all firms and governments condoning
>such practices.

Sorry to be insensitive (not really) but what a lot of pseudo-religious knee
jerk.  Regardless of what basis you personally posit the fundamental nature
of humanity, where is it written that mankind will AUTOMATICALLY create and
exploit horrors?  How about creating tissues to keep people alive?  Thought
of that balance?

And what's this got to do with sci.anthropology?  I thought this was
supposed to be an academic forum or something....

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