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PROVIDENCE, RI: 19-NOV-98: Reade Advanced Materials (READE), with regional
offices in Providence, RI and Reno, NV, announces the vast expansion of its
website to a 600 page award-winning, multilingual, and interactive supersite.
It provides technical data and safety information on the 500 high technology
inorganic powders offered by READE.

The READE supersite, located at http://www.reade.com, also contains extensive
reference material that is useful to global users of high technology
inorganic powders. A summary list includes: useful particle briefings
including powder sieve charts, magnetic, thermal & electrical conductivity
properties, density, specific gravity, & surface areas of inorganic powders,
a Material Safety Data Sheet library, an online science & technology discount
bookstore, 500 powerful resource links, and a very useful Safety Resource
Section. In addition, it includes many educational briefings on the
nanotechnology world of molecules and angstroms.

The READE family-owned manufacturing concern relocated to America in the year
1881. READE conducts business as a manufacturer, custom value added processor
and global distributor of high technology metal, alloy, ceramic, composite,
and specialty chemical powder compositions.  END

For Further Information Contact:

Mr. Charles Reade, Manager
Reade Advanced Materials
Riverside, Rhode Island USA
Telephone: 1-401-433-7021
Email: creade at reade.com

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