$0.00 Monthly Internet Access! STOP Renting Internet Service...OWN IT!

qpons at apexmail.com qpons at apexmail.com
Wed Nov 25 19:46:48 EST 1998

ARE YOU STILL PAYING an Internet Service Provider
monthly fees for slower Internet Access?

As seen on CNN and C-Net!
As seen in Family PC Magazine,
The New York Times, LA Times and more!

We Offer Internet Access for $0.00 Per Month!
Just compare...
AOL.....$263.40 per year
MCI.....$239.40 per year
ATT.....$239.40 per year
Earthlink.....$239.40 per year

With our company all you do is pay a one time fee of
$99 + $5.95 S&H for our software, and then another
one time fee of $19.95 for activation. That's only $124.85!
As you can see, our service pays for itself in just 6 months!

*National Internet Network
*PRI based with 56k connections at EVERY PORT!
*The best hardware and software available....
Sun Microsystems, Cisco, Ascend, US Robotics,
Silicon Graphics and software from Netscape
*Currently servicing more than 1,000 cities across the USA
(In the next 45-60 days we will be 93% nationwide!)
*Tens of thousands of Smart Web Surfers can't be wrong!
*Works with all browsers!

FREE full E-mail, Full newsgroups, Free stock quotes,
High Speed Access, Total Web Surfing, Free Local Info & News,
Tech Support, Chat Groups

Quit throwing away your hard earned money on monthly ISP fees
when you could take the same money and buy yourself a new modem,
monitor, a new program, or just go out to dinner!

There are no long distance charges and there is no "catch".
(Just check to make sure we are available in your area)

A Great Gift Idea for Christmas!

To receive the Secret that America Online and all the
Internet providers do not want you to know, just send an email to 
href="mailto:qpons2 at apexmail.com?Subject=SENDINTERNETSERVICEINFO"
CLICKHERE</B></a> Type "send internet service info" in the
message section.
This message is intended to reach a large audience, however,
if you wish to be removed from this promotion or any future 
from us, just send an email to <a
href="mailto:qpons2 at apexmail.com?Subject=REMOVE"><B>
CLICKHERE</B></a> Type "Remove Internet Service Info" in the
message section.

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