Announcement: Glycosciences Towns Meeting

Christian Frosch frosc000 at
Wed Nov 25 16:12:17 EST 1998

Just a little followup for clarification
>You will not need to download any software to participate in the Meeting
>however for maximum performance, we do recommend using Netscape
>Navigator 3.0 or Internet Explorer 3.0 or any other browser that is Javascript enabled.
>You can >find out whether your browser is suitable for participation by
>checking the requirements at the web site of the meeting

For participation in the event it is necessary to preregister at the
web site named above. Registration and participation in the meeting
is FREE of charge.

For inquiries please feel free to contact 

Dr. David Ashford (da5 at
Dr. Bob Lauder (r.lauder at
Christian Frosch (christian.frosch at

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