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Sat Nov 28 07:08:31 EST 1998

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Hi! My name is Cindy and you can see me and my girlfriends
in college getting naked to put ourselves through college.
I like WEIRD, EXHIBITIONIST & BIZARRE erotica...so only visit if you like
that sort of thing! ;-)

<FONT SIZE="+2"><A HREF="http://www.ctfm.com/index.htm">
You can click here to see us getting crazy and naked..FOR FREE!</A></STRONG></FONT>
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You HAVE to be OVER 18 to check out
my site because it has ADULT subject matter! Do not access if under 18.</FONT>
Here is my personal web space address:


This is not a spam mail! I was given your personal email by a friend..if i made a mistake
just hit reply and let me know..i'll never email you again. 
Cindys Corner


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