8.9 cents/minute LD & 800 Service! 14.9 cpm Cards w/no fees!

68104330 at AOL.COM 68104330 at AOL.COM
Sun Nov 29 04:57:41 EST 1998

No equipment to buy!  No prepaid Long Distance!
Major Long Distance Carrier provides:
8.9 cents per minute LD..
- Billed in 6 second increments.
- Billed separately from your local service.
8.9 cents per minute 800 service..
- Billed in six second increments.
- No Cost per line.
14.9 cents/minute Calling Cards..
- Not Pre-paid! - No connect fee or "Bong Charge"! 
- Billed in 6 second increments (18 sec minimum!)
- No Cost per card (as many as you need).
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