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Pass This Up Lightly And You'll Be Making One of
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There is not an easier or simpler way to make $140 a day than this-there can't be-it's impossible! If you would
 like to retire on $140 a day
 working only 1 -2 hours each day  then listen up.

I tried every money making plan under the sun. After three years of
constant attempts at striking it rich, I had done nothing but strike out.
I tried multi-level marketing... I failed! ááá
I tried chain letters... They failed me!
I tried envelope stuffing... What a joke!
I tried nine other various business ventures..

I was a fool. I didn't make much money. I can admit it; I was not the

greatest business person. 

I needed a way of making money that couldn't fail.

I worked hard about 50 hours a week cleaning houses. Many of my
customers were very wealthy. One of which was a thirtyish guy who
drove around in a Ferrari Testarossa. After cleaning his home he gave
me the usual $20.00 tip and I asked him what he thought of the soap business.
He started laughing so hard.

I'll never forget what he said, " Get a clue Darin. You want to sell
soap door to door? Did the fumes from your window cleaner go to your
head or something? Someday when you're serious about making
money-real money-call me and I will take you to school."

I told him that I was ready now and he said, " I don't have time today, but think 
about this. Why sell soap? People all over town sell it.

No one could really care less where they got it. Give people something
that they want. I mean want badly, and be the only one with it.
Think about that and come by the house tomorrow morning."
As he drove away, he stopped, smiled and said, " Wake up Darin, valuable
 information sells." I was dumbfounded. What did he mean?

What was he talking about?

The next morning he gave me the information that would change my life!á
In thirty minutes he showed me a little known method that anyone can use to start 
making over $140 a day. At first I was skeptical. Who wouldn't be?

His proven method was like nothing I had ever seen or heard of before.
Now I make over $140 a day working from home, at my leisure. It's so
simple. I sell information in a unique and exciting way. Every body wants it,
 and only I can provide it! á

"$2,500 a month "Guaranteed!!"á All you have to do is mail out my
special sales letter, which will be sent to you. You simply mail out 10 of these letters
 every day (10 letters mailed = 7 responses). What I am trying to say here is that
my special sales letter pulls 70% orders.

Almost every sales letter you mail will bring back $20!á Other direct
mailings get only 2% - 3% sales response, we get up to 70%! That's correct!
This sales letter is a powerful money magnet. Its success has been fantastic

A test of your own will show that you will receive at least 7 customers for
every 10 letters that you mail. Fantastic but true. Now you can make a
fortune all year round... every year.

The cost of my "Every-Day Cash Plan" is only $39.99, but it is worth
much more than that because of its success. Don't let the price of my
"Every-Day Cash Plan" fool you. This is opportunity knocking! Don't pass it
by. You will not receive this offer again!
I'll send you everything to help you start making big money right away.
I've compiled all of the information that you need to succeed in this
business.  I'll even include free mass mailing software and 100,000 free 
addresses to get you off to a good start!

Still skeptical, huh?? Don't worry, it's only natural, but keep reading..

Try this test... send out 50 letters a week for a month... that's 200
sales letters. You will receive about 140 responses on a steady flow.
This corresponds to about $3,200 a month if you only send out 50 letters
a week! The success of the "Every-Day Cash Plan" will blow your mind when
you are receiving $20 checks and money orders by the dozen every day!!
$2,500 a month!  Consistency pays off!! You'll be GLAD you did this one!

Please don't get my program confused with all those "Get-Rich Quick
Schemes." Why? Well for one thing, $36,250 to $62, 395 per year is not
"rich." It is a nice living and an even better second income fi you wish.

My program also requires a lot of dedication on your part. Nothing
happens by itself. Businesses don't run themselves. I will tell you
this...invest two hours a day, follow my instructions outlined in the
Start-Up Kit, and you will be successful. I guarantee it !!

So if you'd like to earn thousands from "Every-Day Cash Plan"... take
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I'm here waiting to help you every step of the way

Here is what my business start-up kit includes:

1) Stealth Mail Bomber bulk emailing software " unlocked " No Registration Required
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2) Master copies of my "Special Sales Letters." These Letters pull
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   Order my Special Sales Letters and receive Complete Instructions and
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 even provide our secret website which gives you access to FREE Email names
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As you can see, for only $39.99, you are getting a complete business
system with all the support you need. I have licensed this system in
the past for as much as $79.95. Simply print, fill out, and send in the
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CUT HERE:  __________________________________________________
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Windows 95/NT Only
We accept personal checks, business checks, money orders, cash.
Make check or money order payable and mail to:

135 Ln 201B Lake George
 Fremont, IN  46737

I want to receive $140 every time I mail out 10 of the exact same
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Plan", my full version copy of the Stealth Bomber (worth $300), and the
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$39.99 Business with Bonuses incl. 1 copy of Stealth and 100,000 free email names

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