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Jonathan Stone (jonathan at Kowhai.Stanford.EDU) wrote on 30 Sep 1998 17:56:40 GMT:
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: |> Coarse is good. Nothing wrong with coarse if it provides clear answers.

: But in this case, "coarse" means it doesnt provide clear anwsers.

Show it.

: Didn't Peter mention genetic drift?

What about it?

: |> : Besides they are no good for archwological material since proteins do not
: |> : survive for very long. Even the sequence of the blood group genes is not
: |> : very useful (but better than simple blood groups) since genomic DNA does
: |> : not survive in archeological material.
: |> 
: |> This is irrelevant. Again, you're being dishonest. None of these arguments
: |> invalidate this research IN ANY WAY WHATSOEVER.

: The results?  No.  the conclusion that they unambiguously support
: Heyerdahl?  If one goes to the primary sources, It's not clear they
: ever did: the resolution and specificity of the blood-group info is
: too coarse.  (my that sounds achingly familiar by now).

You're babbling.

: |> : That is why mitochodrial DNA is
: |> : used.
: |> 
: |> Used by who and for what?

: By people doing DNA surveys.

Used for what?

: (well, lets not talk about noncoding or
: drifting sequences in protists, OK?)

You're babbling.

: |> : It survives well in old bones (cf Neanderthal results in Nature
: |> : recently) and can be easily measured in modern populations.
: |> 
: |> Too bad that it does not support you, though...

: Huh?

Too bad that mtDNA studies do not support the mainstream Lapita derivation
of Polynesians humbug. Is this clear enough for you now?

The King is Naked!!!


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