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> : |> Coarse is good. Nothing wrong with coarse if it provides clear answers.
> : But in this case, "coarse" means it doesnt provide clear anwsers.
> Show it.
> : Didn't Peter mention genetic drift?
> What about it?

Your memory really is slipping Yuri. I pointed out to you that there is
good evidence for the polynesians having gone through at least one genetic
bottleneck during their dispersal. Such a bottleneck could quite easily
account for the lack of group B in modern polynesians (the only group of
polynesians open to blood group analyis). Apart from bottlenecks, genetic
drift and environmental selection can also account for selective loss of
an allele from a population. Long ocean voyages and the need to adapt to
island life impose strong selective pressures on a population. Random
events (such as a cyclone with no NZ airforce relief) can also act to
restrict the genetic diversity of a population. Have you had enough
genetics yet Yuri or do you want me to go on?


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