Ashby dishonesty and bias (was: botanical facts

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> Ashby wrote:
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> [Stone:]
> > > : No, Yuri, the mtDNA evidence is very clearly against Heyerdahl.
> > >
> > > Show it. Put up or shut up.
> > 
> > Yuri, I have shown it.
> Is your name Stone? What exactly did you show.

Why is it necessary for Jonathon to post what I already have? more evasions.
> > is your memory really that short?
> Nothing wrong with my memory.

Except its selective nature when you are in danger of losing an argument.
> > Do I have to post it all again? (I can BTW, I saved data).
> Duh!

Is your name Homer?
> It is your memory that has holes. I already pointed out to you that none
> of what you posted contradicts Heyerdahl.
> > You are the one who needs to put up or shut up
> Stop lying, you pathetic weaseling creature.

Yet more abuse in lieu of reasoned argument. (I must put that statement in
a macro, it's becoming tiresome to type.


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