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Carey Gregory cgregory at
Sat Oct 3 17:32:31 EST 1998

skyamsen wrote:
> 1. How might you connect the episode of gangrene in the toe with the final
> pathology in this man?

Upon discovering that no one on the internet would do his homework for him, he
became frustrated and kicked his desk, thereby injuring his toe.  This led to
gangrene which produced toxins and damaged his aorta, leading eventually to
the AAA.

> 2. What are the main risk factors for atheroscierosis?

Although it's not widely known, misspelling medical terms is one.

> 3. What are the complications of an abdominal aortic aneurysm?

Okay, I'll give you two:

1.  Sudden death.
2.  Not completing med school due to #1.

Carey Gregory

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