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Ross Clark (drc at wrote on Fri, 02 Oct 1998 12:17:44 +1300:
: Yuri Kuchinsky wrote:

: What I asked for (you can read it) was evidence relating the Polynesians 
: _specifically_ to that particular part of the Americas, not to "America". 
:  It's now obvious you haven't got any. Why not admit it? Heck, you can 
: even blame me again, if you want to.

What kinds of games is Ross trying to play here? He's complaining that I
didn't give him information relating "_specifically_ to that particular
part of the Americas". But meanwhile, here it was below!

The only thing that I can say here is... Duh!!!

: > Specifically, among the Kwakiutl, there is only .6% of of B, and no AB.
: > (p. 88, AMERICAN INDIANS IN THE PACIFIC) This corresponds very closely
: > with Polynesians and NZ Maoris.
: > 
: > Moreover, these B and AB groups are actually _the lowest_ in eastern
: > Polynesia and NZ compared with Western Polynesia where they begin to
: > appear at low levels!
: > 
: > This should make it clear that Polynesians spread out from America, and
: > acquired these groups in a small way later through intermarriage with
: > Melanesians. In Samoa, B is quite high.
: > 
: > : I neglected to point out that neither are they
: > : osteological
: > 
: > You're wrong.

: I'm wrong? Blood groups are osteological?

Double Duh!!! Osteological evidence was explained there in the same

: > Osteological evidence? There's plenty of such evidence indicating that
: > Polynesia was settled originally by more than one racial group. But this
: > research has been done early in this century (at that time it was
: > mainstream) and by now is basically buried into the ground by the
: > triumphant Dumbed-down School of Historiography.

It seems like Ross is coming apart here... A Newager confronted with all
this solid weight of scientific evidence. Perhaps you should go back to
crystals, Ross? This meat is too tough for you...



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