A Common Misconception among Evolutionists Re: Creation Science

A Rotondi rotondi+ at pitt.edu
Mon Oct 5 14:13:08 EST 1998

Casey wrote:

>        Though the issue of creation science in your opinion has been
> flogged to death in the newsgroups,  the very fact that you and many, if
> not most, evolutionists continue to misunderstand the essential nature of
> this position, this is reason enough to discuss it further in the public
> arena.   As creationists I think we're seeing that the misunderstanding is
> willful because creationists have stated their position many times but
> still continue to be misunderstood.

Excellent. What is the theory (scientific or otherwise) of creationscience?
Please do not send me to a web site for this. If necessary
just state the theory very briefly. I really! have little or no idea
what "your theory" is, and I'm being serious.

>            Neither is it fair to level the accusation that the scientific
> endeavors of creationists are faulty because they  attempt to prove a
> theory or idea that is apriori held to be true. I know of no creationist
> who is doing this.   Again, can you furnish us with a concrete example?

>             But perhaps these charges which have been leveled for years and
> are being repeated by yourself are less based in fact than on a dislike for
> the position held by creationists.

Once you provide a brief description of the theory it will be easier to assess
the veracityof these statements.

>            Creation Scientists understand well the difference between the
> scientific method and theology

I'm glad to hear this. So far what you say sounds very promising.I eagerly
await a description of the creation science theory.


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