Genetic engineering is a Good Thing?

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Tue Oct 6 04:12:50 EST 1998

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I know of no recorded death. That is despite it being liberally
sprinkled on many people (millions?) post WW2, and being used in houses
in malaria areas for decades. I'm NOT suggesting that banning it was not
a good thing, just that as far as I am aware no people died (and
certainly millions didn't die of malaria) from DDY.


See DDT.

>Agent Orange, 

The deaths due dioxins at seveso (where contamination rates were hugely
higher than the contaminants in AO) were small (did they end up as
zero?). So this is hard to believe.

>and probably at least a few other "properly
>handled" pesticides have all caused the deaths of many, 

Probably not. I know of no cases.

>and not just by acute

Evidence? Indiactions?

>Never trust a chemical company when it comes to the law, public health, and

Wouldn't know. They have always (with the exception of one) dealt
properly with me.


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