Genetic engineering is a Good Thing?

Oz Oz at
Wed Oct 7 10:07:33 EST 1998

In article <VA.0000166b.007fd879 at rogersbox>, Roger Whitehead
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>Glad to hear the former. Of course it's the latter (in the traditional sense, 
>at least); you've challenged people to provide you with evidence. 

I think that is perhaps making a conflict where one is not required. I
simply have not come across one, but maybe others have. In itself that
doesn't really measure lack of hazard of course, indeed it's a pretty
useless measure of that. It does, however, provide one extreemum of
danger. It's perfectly likely that some people are hypersensitive to
pesticides, as they are to peanuts, bee stings, drugs and many other
common items generally considered to be 'safe'. Personally I have (very)
considerable doubts that this will ever apply to what traces (where they
exist) remain in foods, but is certainly a risk for those applying the
products who run significant risk of higher level of exposure on

>proper and reasonable. I'm also interested in hearing some answers.

Don't hold your breath. The discussion really hinges on risk analysis.
That is an area generally poorly grasped by aeroplane flying vegans.


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