Genetic engineering is a Good Thing?

Oz Oz at
Wed Oct 7 07:21:52 EST 1998

In article <VA.0000165c.005e41d0 at rogersbox>, Roger Whitehead
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>In article <kzjMBXArdSF2EwOW at>, Oz wrote:
>> [NB Still waiting for someone to quote a death due to properly handled
>> pesticides.]
>Just noticed this little trap in Farmer Oz's latest challenge. It allows any 
>reported deaths to be defined as resulting from improper handling (should the 
>antipodean agrarian so desire, of course).

It's neither a 'trap' nor is the question a 'challenge'.

Everyone in the UK is aware of suicides using pesticides and at one time
small children drinking grammoxone that had been rebottled in bottles
with their original label, typically 'lemonade'. So deaths due improper
use have clearly happened. That's true of knives, hammers and

I have made this request for data periodically for some number of years.


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