A Common Misconception among Evolutionists Re: Creation Science

Marc Loewenthal lionlang at bogo.co.uk
Tue Oct 6 16:30:09 EST 1998

Casey wrote in message <01bdf011$aa3433a0$5c72a1cf at Casem.pangea.ca>...
>[This posting was originally made to B.W. Tague in response to his/her
>posting to me]
>        However, their science is informed by their faith in a way that
>evolutionists and other humanists still fail to  understand. Perhaps this
>misunderstanding might clear up if the advice of Francis Bacon were headed:
>to dwell long among the facts before drawing a conclusion.

Here you betray yourself. How can science be informed by faith, an totally
irrational notion at the best of times? Faith is ultimately a useless
concept. I can have 100% faith in my wife's fidelity, but she could still be
cheating. The Trobriand islanders believe wholeheartedly that Prince Philip
is a god because he came out of the sky in a plane, but I know that he's a
cantankerous old royal git who should have been pensioned off years ago. A
hindu scientist know that the Ganges is seriously polluted with all kinds of
nasty germs that can kill him, but will still bathe because he believes it
is a holy river. If you want to dwell among the facts, faith is the last
port of call you would make.

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