Genetic engineering is a Good Thing?

Oz Oz at
Tue Oct 6 17:58:57 EST 1998

In article <6vdu4m$moj$1 at>, irv4vz0c at
>> >DDT,
>Countless birds, 

Quite a few raptors, it is true.

>and all those lucky people kept from dying by malaria got to
>die of starvation.

Not in feact the case.

>> >Agent Orange,
>Ever heard of Vietnam??

Certainly. But deaths due to AO?

>> >and probably at least a few other "properly
>> >handled" pesticides have all caused the deaths of many,
>> Probably not. I know of no cases.
>Try any of the organophosphates (remember Bhopal).  

I don't think anyone would condiser Bhopal to be an example of 'properly
handled' pesticides.

>Try methylbromide.

Deaths fro methyl bromide?

>> >and not just by acute
>> >poisoning.
>> Evidence? Indiactions?
>They're out there.

I guess you believe the x-files are true too.


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