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Carey Gregory cgregory at
Mon Oct 5 10:24:28 EST 1998

skyamsen wrote:
> I was hoping that you folks could direct me to help tackle case studies.
> Like where do I begin, what are the obvious clues?, etc.....

Okay, fair enough.  The way you presented it sounded like you just wanted the
answers.  Like any exam, start simple and make no assumptions.  There are no
"obvious clues" until you understand the material.

> 1. How might you connect the episode of gangrene in the toe with the final
> pathology in this man?

This is the only question of the three that requires thought.  The other two
simply require regurgitation of textbook material.  If you understand the
basics of gangrene and aneurisms, and give it just a bit of thought, a couple
of possible connections will come to mind.  

If you come here with a more detailed question to confirm your suspicions
about this case, I think you'll get a better response than you will with the
"what's the answer?" sort of approach you used the first time.

Carey Gregory

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