A Common Misconception among Evolutionists Re: Creation Science

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> > What about faith in science?
> That's the key, isn't it?
> In the scientific method, one asks a question in such a way that anyone
> else can ask the same question using the same technology and arrive at the
> same answer. Everyone can observe the data.

Hence, faith in the senses. Faith in reason. Faith in the order of the universe.Faith is evidence of
a higher order than physical perception.

> The practice of science is a
> self-correcting process designed to uncover facts about the natural world.
> It does not entail faith.
> Questions of faith -- there are no ways to test them. One cannot directly
> observe God or design an repeatable experiment to prove the existence of
> God.  That's why these are questions of religion and philosophy.

Natural theologians like Thomas Aquinas would disagree. Aquinas considered "intellectual" virtue to
be the highest.

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