Genetic engineering is a Good Thing?

DMcKRAE dmckrae at
Thu Oct 8 08:32:47 EST 1998

Proving cause and effect is notoriously difficult.  It is possible to claim
that you can not find examples of people who definately contracted cancer
because of smoking.  However on balance of probability smoking is clearly
indicated as the major factor involved.  I have heared that organophophate
sheep dip was implicated as a cause of high suicide rates in hill farmers but
of course it has never been definitively proven and no doubt you could answer
that the farmers were not handling the stuff properly (though how you dip sheep
with out getting sheep dip on you is an interesting question).  I believe
haowever that the evidence was significant enough to merit the banning of
certain sheep dip formulations.  I have also heard similar assertions for fruit
farmers in the southern USA

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