Genetic engineering is a Good Thing?

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Thu Oct 8 10:23:00 EST 1998

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>In article <1998Oct7.134428.20146 at>, Beverly
>Erlebacher <bae at> writes

>>A survey of veterinarians found that pet dogs are four times more
>>likely to get leukemia if they belong to families that use
>>commercial lawn services to spray their lawns with pesticides on a
>>regular basis.  It's too hard to gather data on the children who
>>play on the lawns with the dogs, however.
>I wouldn't mind betting that those families also had children with
>significantly more plastic toys than the rest too.

Even when this survey would have eliminated ALL other aspects that  
might have influenced the results, one might conclude that spraying  
your lawn with pesticides, and inmiediately let your dog or child paly  
on it, is not a good practice.

I supose nobody would lick at an insect repelent as well. Nor would  
somebody eat the soup when it is still 95 degr.C

Read the label. Consider the waiting-time.


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