A Common Misconception among Evolutionists Re: Creation Science

Ray Lanthier rlanthier at earthlink.net
Sun Oct 11 13:16:45 EST 1998

Paul Andrew King wrote:

> In article <361F9622.DFA7E17 at earthlink.net>,
> Ray Lanthier <rlanthier at earthlink.net> wrote:
> >Paul Andrew King wrote:
> >
> >> In article <361EC137.5BDED387 at earthlink.net>,
> >> Ray Lanthier <rlanthier at earthlink.net> wrote:
> >>
> >> >>         Oh Ray--what ng are you posting from? There's a shitload of bgs in the
> >> >> header, and it would be nice to get rid of those who really don't need this. I
> >> >> and many others are in alt.atheism.
> >> >>
> >> >
> >> >posting FROM? I am postint TO only one ng at a time.
> >>
> >> Wrong you posted *this* message to *15* newsgroups at once.  Which of these
> >>  newsgroups are you *reading* messages in ?
> >>
> >> alt.agnosticism
> >> alt.atheism
> >> alt.earth.system.science
> >> alt.info-science
> >> alt.philosophy
> >> alt.philosophy.debate
> >> be.science
> >> bionet.biology
> >> bionet.general
> >> cn.bbs.sci.philosophy
> >> fido7.science
> >> fj.soc.pseudo-science
> >> k12.ed.science
> >> man.freenet
> >> man.gene
> >
> >No.
> Yes.  It was posted to all fifteen groups.
>  Out of this list, my Netscape communicator tells me I have only subscribed
> >to alt.philosophy.
> That means that you are *reading* messages in alt.philosophy.
> >How the Usenet server manages this list, is a mystery to me.
> >
> I don't use Netscape's news reader, but it's all in the header lines.
> If Netscape shows the header lines, edit the line starting "Newsgroups:" to

> remove the groups you don't want to post to.

At the point of responding , in Netscape Communicator, one selects the Reply|Reply To Group menu
option.. The Mail Exchange software takes the ng's of the 'person' to which I want to respond and
includes them in the posting of that message.The only control one has in Netscape communicator are
in the 'drop-down' selection that specify the address to send to.I did not specify these ng's in the
I am not subscribed to these ng's.

> If you can't do that either look up Netscape's on-line help or find someone
> who knows how to use it.

I have done so successfully for a long time, Thankyou.alt.philosophy is the only ng in which this
has happened. It is possible that my header files were corrupted.
I fixed the problem without technical support, by simply un-subscribing from alt.philosophy and then
resubscribing to it. I have always followed the same procedure when posting to newgroups and
subscribing to them  It's simple enough. For instance at this moment (before sending the
message)only the groups man.freenet and man.gene are showing in my group address "Send to" header.

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