Low Cost E-Z Qualifying Leases!!

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Sun Oct 11 03:14:28 EST 1998

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   Heritage Pacific Leasing , one of the leading lease companies today,
   currently has an abundance of funds available for NEW leasing Clients!!
   Our Lease Plans have provided affordable solutions, and  funds
   for every conceivable type of equipment!!
   The several lease programs we offer for you include:
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</FONT><FONT COLOR="#ff0000" SIZE=3> THE CUSTOMIZED LEASE PACKAGE</FONT><FONT COLOR="#ffff00" SIZE=3> </U></B>- Structured to meet the specific cash flow   needs and other financial objectives of your business. The variables include:
 the term, payment amount, disposition of Investment Tax Credit, advance  payments, fixed or floating rates, and the purchase option at lease maturity.
 These leases range in size from several thousand dollars to $1,000,000 and more.
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 THE INSTA-LEASE</FONT><FONT COLOR="#ffff00" SIZE=3></U></B> - An "application only" lease, for certain limited situations.  If you've been in business three years or more, you may lease equipment costing up to $75,000 without submitting financial statements.  
 As in any purchase, you negotiate with the manufacturer to work out all the details of warranties, guaranties, delivery, installation and servicing.  You can even choose to have reasonable delivery and installation charges included in the lease.
  Also as in purchase, you are responsible for subsequent taxes, insurance coverage, maintenance and other costs associated with the day-to-day use of  the equipment.
 When your lease ends, you have three options:  to buy the equipment, renew the lease or return the equipment - whichever is best for you.
   Whether you are in need of a new computer, or fax machine, or a whole
   new fully equiped office, or business, even manufacturing or farming
   equipment , we are your solution!!
   We offer very competitive rates, E-Z qualifying, and approval in as
   little as 24 hours!! 
   Remember a properly designed lease program provides additional
   TAX advantages over more conventional methods of financing and 
   typically cost less in terms of  $$CA$H FLOW$$
   Let us show you how E-Z and FAST, we can design a lease for YOU, 
   email our autoresponder now, for more information and to Apply!</FONT><FONT COLOR="#000000" SIZE=3>
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