Genetic engineering is a Good Thing?

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> The manufacturer and all the military personnel who used it always said that
> A.O. was harmless.  The wake of its destruction in Vietnam is still noticeable
> now two decades later.

A.O was used as a weapon, the philosophy of its use was more related to a
napalm attack to an enemy than a modern farmer using a pesticide in the farm
where he and his family live. The objective of the use , the handling , the
precautions during the production and sale of the product are completely

> People in thirdworld countries (and even in areas in firstworld countries)
> have no absolute guarantee for their safety.  Laws are flaunted all the time,
> and even when followed, in the end we are all guinea pigs for chemical
> companies.  No one knows the long term effects of the thousands of chemicals
> that have been turned loose on the world, just since WW2.
Nobody has a safety guarantee nowhere, but you should include in the word
"chemicals" the pharmaceutical products we and our children use, the plastics,
the synthetic textile materials, and all the consequences of the industrial
world (where most of us live, and most of the rest want to enter).
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