Genetic engineering is a Good Thing?

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> >> [NB Still waiting for someone to quote a death due to properly 
> handled
> >> pesticides.]
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> >DDT, Lindane, Agent Orange, and probably at least a few other 
> "properly
> >handled" pesticides have all caused the deaths of many, and not 
> just by acute
> >poisoning.
> add paraquat to that list ? ... it's REAL nasty.
> Bruce

I hear of people using it for baking powder in pancakes, and killing the
whole family. Fable or real, it is toxic. But then, that is why it is
labeled as such, and people need to follow the directions. 30 years ago,
there was not much thought & concern over that. Times change, and we have
more specific chemicals that cause less general damage, as well as better
handling and regulation of these chemicals.

A perfect system? No. Name a system that is perfect. :) But a pretty good,
pretty safe, pretty effective system it is.

Life is a series of risk-management issues. Some people obsess about ag
chemicals - ok, but there are a lot of other things out there a _lot_ more
likely to kill you. My girlfriend obsesses about thunderstorms. Yea, they
can & do kill people, but sitting in your basement, you should probably
feel pretty safe & happy.... Most people will accommodate you if you obsess
about such things, but they get on with their life, and don't take a
thunderstorm obsession very seriously.

Likewise ag chemicals.



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