A Common Misconception among Evolutionists Re: Creation Science

Paul Andrew King paul at nospam.demon.co.uk
Mon Oct 12 01:04:38 EST 1998

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Ray Lanthier <rlanthier at earthlink.net> wrote:

>>  Out of this list, my Netscape communicator tells me I have only subscribed
>> >to alt.philosophy.
>> That means that you are *reading* messages in alt.philosophy.
>> >How the Usenet server manages this list, is a mystery to me.
>> >
>> I don't use Netscape's news reader, but it's all in the header lines.
>> If Netscape shows the header lines, edit the line starting "Newsgroups:" to
>> remove the groups you don't want to post to.
>At the point of responding , in Netscape Communicator, one selects the
>Reply|Reply To Group menu
>option.. The Mail Exchange software takes the ng's of the 'person' to which I
>want to respond and
>includes them in the posting of that message.

It *should* have some way of editing the list of newsgroups - and also some
way of posting a message so that replies go to a different set of
newsgroups from the message itself (typically the most appropriate one).
[Note it is *very* rude to do that without saying that you've done it in
the message].

The only control one has in
>Netscape communicator are
>in the 'drop-down' selection that specify the address to send to.I did not
>specify these ng's in the
>I am not subscribed to these ng's.

It doesn't matter which groups you subscribe to.  Your reply will go to all
the groups the original message appeared in *unless* the poster redirected
replies or you trim the list yourself.
>> If you can't do that either look up Netscape's on-line help or find someone
>> who knows how to use it.
>I have done so successfully for a long time, Thankyou.alt.philosophy is the only
>ng in which this
>has happened.

This is certainly not the only cross-posted thread you've been involved in.
For instance the thread "Authority of the Church" was posted to the groups

alt.abortion.inequity, alt.religion.christian.roman-catholic, talk.abortion

 It is possible that my header files were corrupted.

Your preferences files, possibly.  The headers I refer to are part of the
message - although they are not usually shown by most newsreaders.

>I fixed the problem without technical support, by simply un-subscribing from
>alt.philosophy and then
>resubscribing to it. I have always followed the same procedure when posting to
>newgroups and
>subscribing to them  It's simple enough. For instance at this moment (before
>sending the
>message)only the groups man.freenet and man.gene are showing in my group address
>"Send to" header.

Your message was sent to all fifteen groups.

I knew there was a good reason not to use Netscape for News.

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