Genetic engineering is a Good Thing?

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>> >DDT, Lindane, Agent Orange, and probably at least a few other 
>> "properly
>> >handled" pesticides have all caused the deaths of many, and 
>> just by acute
>> >poisoning.
>> add paraquat to that list ? ... it's REAL nasty.
>I hear of people using it for baking powder in pancakes, and 
killing the
>whole family. Fable or real, it is toxic. But then, that is why 
it is
>labeled as such, and people need to follow the directions. 30 
years ago,
>there was not much thought & concern over that. Times change, and 
we have
>more specific chemicals that cause less general damage, as well 
as better
>handling and regulation of these chemicals.
>Life is a series of risk-management issues. Some people obsess 
about ag
>chemicals - ok, but there are a lot of other things out there a 
_lot_ more
>likely to kill you. My girlfriend obsesses about thunderstorms. 
Yea, they
>can & do kill people, but sitting in your basement, you should 
>feel pretty safe & happy.... Most people will accommodate you if 
you obsess
>about such things, but they get on with their life, and don't 
take a
>thunderstorm obsession very seriously.
>Likewise ag chemicals.

agreed - but people that use ag chemicals (or 'chemicals' in 
general :) ) had best be a bit obsessive about them. One stuff up 
is often all you need !
 ... and of course more is known about them these days too ... so 
they get 'more dangerous' like that too.
eg benzene commonly used as a solvent 30 years ago, now it's 
considered too dangerous to have around :)


ps - i knew someone that obsessed about thunderstorms too ... you 
have my sympathy :) :)

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