Indologist confirms maize in ancient sculptures

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Sat Oct 17 16:13:26 EST 1998

For those readers not familiar with Oscar's style and posting history,
he's one of the most notoriously confused characters on Usenet, and a
long-term inhabitant of great many killfiles. The man not to be trusted on
anything he says because of both his ignorance and a very tenuous
connection to reality.

schlaf at wrote on Sat, 17 Oct 1998 10:51:30 GMT:
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: > I don't understand Oscar's math here -- it seems to me that
: > 1998 - 1996 = 2, not a number in excess of 20.  Gupta's work
: > confirming the presence of maize and at least 5 other [!] New World
: > plants in pre-Columbian Indian sculptures  is _subsequent to_
: > the 1993 Payak and Sachan critique of Johannessen and Parker,
: > not the other way around.

:  Yuri used direct quotes from her earlier books & use her earlier books as
: proof of her expertise.

This is a misrepresentation. I have never quoted from her, or even read
any of her books. Oscar's dishonesty is another of his not so pleasant

: "Plant Myths and Traditions  in India"(1971)
: "Vishnu and His Incarnations" (1974)
: "Legends  around Shiva"(1979)

The fact that she also wrote other books on the subject should be counted
against her? Only in Oscar's Universe.


: > yet 6 of the 70-odd  plants she
: > identifies in pre-Columbian sculptures are New World species.

: She interpeted that way, others disagree

Please give us the names of competent scholars who disagree with her.
You're babbling, as usual.

: & a serious lack of linguistical,

Ignorant statement.

: and physical evidence

Ignorant statement. We have plenty of physical evidence, mostly
biological and genetic.

: > Payak and
: > Sachan are biologists, and do not share Gupta's expertise on either Hindu
: > relgion or Hindu/Jain/Buddhist temple art.

: Payak & Sachan are biologists, Gupta does not share thier expertise on
: Maize,

You're not very bright, Schlaf. Get yourself a clue. Sachan actually
SUPPORTS precolumbian maize in India. Can you figure this one out?

: nor is she a linguist, nor a historian of trade unlike  Panchamukhi.

Nor is she a a tinker, sailor, soldier, spy. So what?

:  See:

:   Panchamukhi, R. S., 1975, Agriculture and Trade in Ancient
:    Karnataka. Studies in Indian Epigraphy

What about it? Have you read it or something? Surprise me and say yes...


:  Why is there no mention in any Indian text of the time of the plant(or any of
: the other New World ones)?

Actually, we have excellent attestation of maize in ancient Chinese texts.
But you're too ignorant to know.

I snip the rest of Schlaf silliness. Get yourself informed, Oscar.


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in it, doesn't go away -=O=- Philip K. Dick

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